Roofing & Reroofing


There are hundreds of roofing products, colors and styles to choose from. Here’s a brief overview of the major shingle categories to get you started. Give us a call for brochures, samples or advice: we make it a point to keep up with each new product that comes to the market, so we can help you choose the perfect roof for your home.

Composition - Composition roofing is affordable, performs well and is available in many colors and grades. However, composition has a shorter life than other options, being more subject to wind and hail damage, and while it works on many types of roofs, it is not allowed in some neighborhoods.

Composition shingles have changed in the last 10 years. Composition shingles can be impact resistant, solar reflective and Energy Star rated (which qualifies you for a tax credit of $500.) Most have a 10-50 year material warranty, but some have a lifetime material warranty you can purchase.

Metal: standing seam -  Standing seam roofs are one of our more popular materials, often used with Austin County limestone. They are lightweight, with Class 4 impact resistance (the highest standard for impact resistance, awarded by Underwriting Laboratories) and are available in several styles and colors.

Metal: stone-coated steel - Stone-coated steel is a lightweight material that can be formed and colored to give a rich appearance that may significantly increase the resale value of your home. This is a good option for replacing a wood shingle roof, as it lasts a long time, and can go on almost any home without structural changes.

Slate - Slate is a beautiful, elegant and timeless choice, although your color options are limited and the material is quite heavy. Slate is also highly durable, with a life expectancy of 100 years or more.

Synthetic slate - Synthetic slate is a less-expensive option than slate, but equally beautiful, and is available in more colors. Made from plastic polymers, synthetic slate has Class 4 impact resistance (the highest standard awarded by Underwriting Laboratories).

Tile - Made of concrete and clay, tile roofs are beautiful and durable. Known as a “forever roof,” tile will typically last the lifetime of the roof structure. There are also a wide variety of color and profile options, such as flat or barrel. However, tile roofs are more expensive than others, heavier, and cannot be used on all existing structures.

Wood/shake - Wood is more a cosmetic choice than an economic one. It looks absolutely beautiful, but its short life span and higher insurance costs makes wood one of the most expensive roofs to put on your home.