Clogged Gutters?

Clogged Gutters?

Posted on November 1, 2017

Autumn has blown into our Tarrant County Community and as the leaves begin to fall we are reminded of all the work it takes to maintain the well-being of our homes.

City Roofing Company knows that homeowner chores like cleaning rain gutters can be a hassle. Over time, rain gutters become clogged, and when the water has nowhere to escape, gutters begin to backlog.

Water backlogs in gutters can lead to many problems: a leaky roof, water ingress/damage to your home, the growth of mold or wet rot in timber, not to mention a favorable environment for rodents. Even if you’re not in a high leaf/debris area, rain gutters slowly gunk-up with particles from composite shingles and dirt. The problems clogged gutters cause can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair.  

City Roofing Company encourages our customers to have their gutters cleaned biannually, because if left neglected, gutters can turn from a necessity into a nightmare. 

That’s why City Roofing Co. offers a variety of Leaf Guard Systems, a gutter upgrade specially designed to eliminate gutter. The result is a free-flowing, non-clogging gutter that channels away rainwater to where it can’t do any damage to the home.

Interestingly, rain gutters have existed several millennia. Dating all the way back to the Indus Valley Civilization between 3000 B.C. & 1500 B.C. (and in what is now recognized as the earliest form of gutter on record) rain gutters were made by using bricks constructed from burnt clay. Surprisingly even today, rain gutters continue to be an important factor in keeping the roof, walls, foundation, and landscape of your home protected.       

City Roofing Company believes there’s no time like the present to call and schedule your annual gutter cleaning so you can enjoy the autumn season ahead! (Not to mention your free roof inspection!)

Call us today to find out how City Roofing can help you get your home ready for the busy holiday season ahead!