Be it wind, hail or Father Time – every roof has a breaking point. If your roof ever reaches its breaking point, it’s important you’re prepared to avoid any roofing villains. They might look a little like this:

Types of roofing villains

The Sloppy Joe

  • They live true to their name: the mess they leave behind is greater than the job they do on your roof.

The Cheat and Run

  • They get you to sign a contract and put down a deposit, then go radio silent whenever you try to reach them.

The Rude Dude

  • The type that won’t listen to a word you say. It’s their way or it’s no way, and there’s no way you should put up with it.

The Scammer

  • They’ll do anything to cut a corner and make an extra dollar – like asking you to help them pull one over on your insurance company.

Three Don’ts to help you avoid a roofing villain:

  1. Don’t Sign Anything
    • If a roofer pressures you to sign or agree to something before they start working, it’s best to look elsewhere.
    • You shouldn’t have to sign anything until you are ready for your roof to be worked on.
  2. Don’t Give Away Your Money  
    • You should almost never have to pay for your roof until work is completed. It’s a red flag if a roofer requests money up front to purchase materials. Good contractors have credit with their suppliers and money to finance jobs.
  3. Don’t Be in a Hurry 
    • Remember to be patient in your choice. While it’s essential to get your roof fixed, it’s even more important that you land the right people for the job.
    • The roofing company you select should have a good reputation and strong recommendations, resulting in three things for you: a quality roof, a positive experience and a contractor you can recommend to friends.


A bonus tidbit: if you didn’t request it, reject it!